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What Your Pizza Place Is Doing Wrong

You’ve got the old family recipe. You’ve got the wood-fired oven. You’ve got the heart and a loyal staff. So why isn’t your pizza place making more money? Your Oven Doesn’t Have Enough Insulation Having a wood-fired oven isn’t enough if your insulation isn’t adequate. To get the proper crispy crust, your oven must reach […]

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1 in 10 Americans Don’t Carry Cash

Credit cards. Debit cards. Paypal. Apple Pay. Mobile payments. Is it any wonder that 10 percent of Americans don’t carry cash? When your business doesn’t accept electronic payment, you’re missing out on a growing number of potential customers who choose plastic over bills. Isn’t it time your business started investigating what payment processing system is […]

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What Is a Merchant Account?

Your product or business is growing, but you can’t shake the feeling that accepting credit cards, debit cards and personal checks would make it grow that much faster. But how and when will you get paid? Is it secure? Are other services available, and how much does it cost? The truth is that merchant account […]

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