Native American-Owned

Doing Business With a Native American-Owned Company Benefits You

At Native Merchant Services, we’re proud of our Native American heritage, and we’re committed to helping other Native American-owned businesses succeed. We offer businesses just like yours the best value in the full service ISO industry.

If you’re tired of paying too much for credit card processing fees and want solution-driven service that meets your specific needs, Native Merchant Services can help.

Payment Processing From a Native American Company

Native Merchant Services wants to help your business grow. As a smart business owner, you do a cost/benefit analysis with every major decision. You don’t want to pay too much for payment processing fees, yet you also need security, reliability and the latest in payment technology. When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you’ll get everything you need — faster, for less money and with better service.

Native American-owned businesses share a special benefit: they don’t pay taxes. We’re able to offer our customers the best credit card processing rates because we share those savings with you. If you find better guaranteed rates anywhere, let us know — we’ll pay you $500. You’ll also get a free credit card terminal if your business charges over $10,000 per month, access to merchant cash advances and business loans, and individualized customer service that is committed to helping you succeed.

Native Merchant Services also offers:

  • Fast and streamlined processing that makes each transaction easy
  • Pin pads, credit card terminals, telephone and online payment processing
  • Same day funding
  • American Express® OptBlue™, which makes accepting Amex more convenient and affordable for small businesses than ever before
  • Gaming and gambling-specific software that addresses the challenges unique to this booming industry
  • Guides that reveal best practices for industries as diverse as hospitality, medicine, digital content and government
  • A generous Merchant Rewards Program — earn rewards simply for accepting more credit cards

Everything You Need in a Payment Processing Company

Our Native American-owned business provides full-service ISO solutions to businesses of all kinds. When you partner with Native Merchant Services, your business can:

  • Accept personal checks quickly with check scanning technology from Telecheck
  • Choose between portable point of sale terminals, fixed terminals, online payments and telephone payments — or all four
  • Take advantage of cutting-edge payment technologies from First Data such as Clover®, InsighticsSM, Perka™ and more
  • Protect your customers from data theft with TransArmor and Cyber Security

We Focus on Your Business

Native Merchant Services makes it possible to spend your valuable time managing and growing your business, and less time on costly hassles. When you’re ready to learn why Native Merchant Services is the best value in credit card processing, call 1-844-462-8483 or fill out our online form today.