Is Your Business Ready to Accept International Payments?

With more customers turning to the Internet to purchase goods and services, it’s more important than ever to accept international payments. When your business gains international customers, you quickly expand your customer base to include people who may never visit your storefront, your city or even your country — without spending extra money on foreign advertising or brick-and-mortar operations. Best of all, accepting payments from customers around the globe is easy and cost-effective — if you have the proper tools.


International Payment Methods

You have several options. The first option is hosted pay, which is a great choice for small businesses or organizations that need to keep operation expenses to a minimum. When you choose hosted pay, you can accept international payments via credit card, debit card or Paypal without having to worry about protecting sensitive payment data. With hosted payment, your international customer will shop on your website as usual, but make the transaction on a third-party, hosted pay page.

With a global payment gateway, you can accept a wide variety of payment types, including direct debit, bank transfers, credit cards and more. The gateway can calculate taxes, automate recurring orders or payments, and make it easy to connect to multiple processors around the world. You can even accept a local or regional card, making meeting customer needs even easier. Global payment gateways require no software installation, making it one of the fastest and most convenient ways to accept international payments.

When you patronize a favorite local store, you typically swipe your credit or debit card as soon as you’ve made your selections. A virtual terminal is a software application that takes the place of the credit card terminal, and it is accessible through the Internet. When you’re ready to process your payments, simply collect placed orders and use your own computer to authorize each transaction.

Native Merchant Services

Native Merchant Services provides full service ISO to online merchants everywhere, including comprehensive international payment solutions. When you partner with us, you can increase your business’s international following through a diverse range of payment options, including hosted pay, virtual terminals and global payment gateways.

Native Merchant Services can also provide your business with cutting-edge cybersecurity, data analytics, and point-of-sale processing systems that are among the most reliable and advanced technologies available. You’ll also get best-in-class customer service, and the lowest pricing in the industry. If you find lower rates on full service payment processing, we’ll pay you $500 — that’s our guarantee.

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