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Does Your Point of Sale System Cost Your Coffee Shop Too Much Money?

How many times a day do you swipe a credit card for a $2 cup of coffee? If you’re like most coffee shop owners, the answer is more times than you care to admit. You also know your payment system costs your coffee shop money every time a customer pulls out a card, and you’re […]

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The Impact of Small Businesses on Economic Growth

If you believe giant corporations such as GE or General Motors play the biggest role in the American economy, you’re not alone. The importance of small businesses on the economy cannot be overstated, however — especially since small businesses are the biggest retail employers in America, according to the National Retail Federation. What defines a […]

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A Guide to Merchant Cash Advances for Small & Medium Businesses

There was a time when securing a loan was, frankly, all too easy. Whether in the personal arena or the business world, banks were all too happy to lend out money, even to subprime applicants. In the wake of the 2008 financial disaster, lending times have changed. To a certain point, it’s easy to see […]

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