Why Your Nonprofit Should Accept Credit Card Donations

If you work for a nonprofit or not-for-profit organization, you know how important credit card processing is to fundraising. Today’s most successful mission-driven organizations have turned away from costly and ineffective mailers in favor of fast and convenient cyber-driven outreach efforts. Allowing your donors to contribute via credit card makes the giving process easy — it also reduces the manpower required to send receipts, mail thank-you notes, record donor demographics and more.


But you probably also know how expensive credit card processing can be. Every credit and debit transaction costs your organization money that could be used to achieve your mission. Will the contributions gained by allowing your donors to contribute via credit card exceed what you’ll have to pay in fees to your credit card processor? The chances are good that the answer will be “yes” when you choose a low-cost, reliable credit card processor.

Save Money on Nonprofit Credit Card Donations

Striking a balance between earning more donations, while limiting expensive credit card fees and getting outstanding customer service, is the goal of every nonprofit operations team.  Although credit card fees can be a costly expense of doing business, luckily the payment processing industry is extremely competitive. This competitiveness translates to savings opportunities for your organization — if you know where to look.

Native Merchant Services is a full service ISO that provides comprehensive payment processing, cybersecurity and data analytics at the lowest guaranteed prices in the industry. We can afford to charge the lowest rates because we’re a Native American-owned company. We get certain tax advantages that other businesses simply don’t have access to, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

Just because we charge the lowest rates in the business doesn’t mean you lose access to the most advanced and reliable technologies. Native Merchant Services partners with First Data to provide fast and secure processing technologies for point-of-sale and online donations. Your organization can take advantage of mobile payment processing — perfect for fundraising events online or when traditional point-of-sale systems are not available.

You can also accept domestic and international donations online with Native Merchant Services through hosted pay, virtual terminal and global payment portal options. That makes fundraising easier, because it gives you 24-hour access to donors, and makes your organization more competitive.

In addition to cutting-edge technologies, Native Merchant Services prides itself on the solution-driven customer service we provide. We protect your donors’ sensitive payment data with TransArmor cybersecurity, and give you access to data analytics that reveal important trends. When your organization partners with Native Merchant Services, you’ll get 24-hour, worldwide access to your donors and best-in-class payment processing for the lowest possible price.

Call Native Merchant Services, or complete our online form, for more information.

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