Improve Profitability With Native Merchant Services

resellersNative Merchant Services offers the lowest guaranteed prices on full service ISO in the payment processing industry. When you direct your merchant accounts to Native Merchant Services, you and your clients can improve profitability because of our tax-exempt, Native-American-owned status.

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Best of all, because we partner with industry leader First Data, you and your accounts can get the same cutting-edge technology and powerful analytics you need to process transactions quickly, smoothly and securely. Best pricing, no sacrifices. That’s Native Merchant Services.

Our Services

When your merchant accounts partner with Native Merchant Services, they will get the experienced support they deserve alongside a broad range of payment options at the best possible pricing.

Native Merchant Services provides:

  • The most advanced payment technologies, including Clover POS, PIN pads, secure hosted and in-site online payment, mobile and wireless applications and telephone processing
  • Powerful analytics that can help your merchants make better business decisions by identifying important emerging trends
  • Streamlined continuity planning with same-day funding, merchant cash advances and business loans
  • Revealing industry guides that highlight best practices
  • A generous Merchant Rewards Program that incentivizes merchants for accepting credit cards
  • A free credit card terminal for charges exceeding $10,000 per month
  • TransArmor, the latest cybersecurity program that protects customer data and your reputation

The Best Value in Payment Processing

Native Merchant Services offers the best available pricing, technology and security. We also offer fast solution-driven customer service, which makes us the best value in payment processing. When you’re tired of seeing your bottom line shrink because of processing fees, Native Merchant Services can help.

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