Does Your Point of Sale System Cost Your Coffee Shop Too Much Money?

How many times a day do you swipe a credit card for a $2 cup of coffee? If you’re like most coffee shop owners, the answer is more times than you care to admit. You also know your payment system costs your coffee shop money every time a customer pulls out a card, and you’re ready to increase your profits — without sacrificing the effectiveness or reliability of your coffee shop payment system.  Now what?

How to Increase Coffee Shop Profits

Card transactions accounted for over $26 billion dollars in revenue in 2012. Nearly 400 million credit card accounts are active as of Q3 2013, and the average number of credit cards per cardholder is about 2, according to Although fewer consumers use plastic today than they did in 2003, credit card transactions fuel businesses large and small.
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You already know that credit card fees make up a significant portion of your business expenses. Few business owners would argue that accepting credit cards is optional in today’s economy, especially given recent statistics. In a low margin, high volume business such as a coffee shop, increasing profit means cutting expenses and limiting price increases. Reducing credit and debit card processing fees is an effective way to cut expenses without affecting the customer experience.

Native Merchant Services

Credit card processing is a competitive industry. Full service ISOs such as Native Merchant Services, LLC aim to provide best-in-class technologies and services at the lowest possible cost to business owners. Unlike other credit card processors, we can guarantee the lowest possible rates on fees. Why? We’re Native American-owned, and that means we don’t pay taxes. We choose to pass those savings on to you.

Getting the lowest rates doesn’t mean you get stuck with unreliable or outdated technology. You can still get cutting-edge technologies such as Clover POS for your coffee shop. You also get access to solution-driven customer service that includes same-day funding, merchant cash advances, data analytics and a Merchant Rewards Program that pays you back just for doing what you already do: accepting credit and debit cards.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Service for Low Rates

A high volume business such as a coffee shop needs fast, reliable and low cost credit card processing. You also need outstanding customer service at the lowest possible cost. With Native Merchant Services, LLC, your coffee shop can save the most money possible on the processing services you need. With 64 percent of cardholders using credit and debit to pay for food, lowering your processing fees can help you boost your bottom line.

For more information, contact Native Merchant Services, LLC, today.

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