Batch Credit Card Processing

Effectively Manage Credit Card Batch Processing Through Native Merchant Services

woman holding credit cardWhen a customer patronizes your business and pays for a purchase with a credit card, that may be the last time he thinks about it until the bill comes due. As a business owner, that’s just the beginning.

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When the end of the day comes, and you print out your list of credit card transactions, you’ll earn payment for those purchases. How efficiently you manage your credit card batch processing fees greatly affects your bottom line.

How Batch Processing Works

Each credit card issuer is responsible for releasing payment to your business. In exchange for releasing payment — and having access to the credit card issuer’s customers — the issuer charges a fee. In addition to this interchange fee — which is non-negotiable — the payment processor that sends each transaction to the appropriate issuer who also charges fees. These fees, unlike interchange fees, are negotiable.

Native Merchant Services is passionate about helping your business succeed. Our success depends on your success, and that’s why we are committed to charging you the lowest guaranteed payment processing rates in the industry. We can do this because we’re a Native American-owned company that doesn’t pay taxes. That means you get the same cutting-edge technologies, solution-driven customer service and full service ISO options that other processors offer — but for a lot less money.

The Native Merchant Services Difference

Native Merchant Services is a full-service ISO provider. We offer fast, reliable and secure payment processing to businesses in all industries and of all sizes. When you partner with us, you’ll get:

  • The lowest credit card processing rates in the industry, guaranteed — or we’ll pay you $500
  • One-stop servicing that provides you with everything you need to know about your business’s transactions on one easy-to-read statement
  • Streamlined and secure processing via online, mobile and in-person terminals
  • Same-day funding and access to cash advances and business loans
  • Fast check processing with Telecheck
  • Analytics designed for small- and medium-sized businesses that will give you the same business intelligence that bigger companies enjoy
  • Best-in-class customer service that focuses on answering your inquiries quickly and expertly
  • Powerful cyber security technology that protects your customers’ most sensitive information
  • A generous Rewards Program that pays you back for accepting credit cards
  • A free credit card terminal with $10,000 in monthly credit card business

Isn’t It Time You Rewarded Your Success?

When you choose Native Merchant Services, you can streamline your operations and provide a better customer experience for less money than you ever thought possible. You can also use your free resources to improve your business and grow your bottom line, with no new investment from you.

When you’re ready to get serious about reducing costly credit card batch processing fees, call Native Merchant Services at 1-844-462-8483 or contact us online.