Electronic Check Processing (TeleCheck)

telecheck on smartphoneWouldn’t it be nice if you could accept personal checks without worrying about problem payments or upsetting your customers? When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you can accept electronic checks with fast, streamlined echeck processing — assuring both smooth transactions and customer satisfaction at the same time.

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Native Merchant Services is invested in the success of your business. We are passionate about helping your business grow, because when you make money, we succeed too.

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We can guarantee the lowest payment processing rates in the industry, because we pass the tax savings we earn as a Native American-owned company on to you. That’s an advantage no other payment processor can claim. We’re so convinced we offer the best rates that we’ll pay you $500 if you can find lower processing fees elsewhere.

Our Native American status helps us provide the best-in-class technology, security and service you expect from your payment processor at a great price. We use Telecheck electronic check processing from First Data, which is the undisputed leader in consumer transactions. That means you can get the services you deserve for less money than you can find anywhere else — guaranteed!

More Benefits of Choosing Native Merchant Services

Native Merchant Services offers you the best value in payment processing. When you partner with us, you’ll receive:

  • Fast and secure payment processing with online, mobile and in-person transactions
  • The latest technologies that speed transactions and protect your customers’ most sensitive data
  • A free credit card terminal to merchants who bill more than $10,000 per month in credit card charges
  • Access to merchant cash advances and business loans
  • Cutting-edge cybersecurity technology
  • A unique Merchant Rewards Program that awards incentives for accepting credit cards
  • Solution-driven customer services that gives you the answers you need, when you need them most

Native Merchant Services also provides you with exceptional business intelligence that helps you make time-sensitive decisions. You can improve your bottom line with added benefits such as:

  • Business intelligence analytics that reveal the information you need about your customers’ shopping habits so you can make better-informed decisions
  • Industry guides that keep you informed as to the latest best practices
  • Industry data infographics that clearly identify emerging business trends
  • Access to our blog, which will provide a close-up look at today’s fast-paced marketplace

The Premier Value in Full-Service ISO

You know that Native Merchant Services guarantees the lowest payment processing rates in the industry. You know that we provide customer-focused service that gives you fast and practical answers. You also know that you’ll gain an important advantage over your competition with business analytics that are usually reserved for larger companies. The fact is that when it comes to price, service and technology, Native Merchant Services is the best value in payment processing.

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Electronic check processing allows you to convert a paper check into an electronic transaction at the point of sale. TeleCheck provides check processing and risk analytics services to thousands of financial institutions and retailers.

telecheck2TeleCheck has safeguards businesses  from check-related losses and fraud. Accepting checks has never been riskier. However, with Telecheck retailers are able to offer check acceptance to consumers as a safe and secure payment option for purchases in stores, online, and over the phone.

How It Works

  • You receive check face-to-face at POS from customer
  • You scan the front and back of the check through FD200
  • TeleCheck conducts transaction risk and recommends an approval or decline in real time
  • Consumer signs receipt, you void check and hand check back to customer
  • Batch is closed and funded in 2 banking days

Industry Statistics

Of 240 million people age 18 and up:

  • 20% do NOT have a debit card (191M debit card holders)
  • 33% do NOT have a credit card (160M have credit cards)
  • 92% have a checking account (221M have a checking account)
  • 15% of non-cash payments are made with a check
    • 38% made with a debit card
    • 21% made with a credit card
    • 18% ACH transactions (check conversion)
    • 7% pre-paid

Sources: 2013 Federal Reserve Payment Study and the U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States 2012