Recurring Payment Processing

credit card with lockAs an entrepreneur, you work hard every day to provide your customers with the reliable value and superior service. They have come to expect a standard of quality from your business that warrants repeat orders — fulfilled, billed and delivered in a timely fashion. When you need reliable and consistent recurring credit card processing, Native Merchant Services is your source.

Native Merchant Services

At Native Merchant Services, our cutting-edge payment processing technology is reliable and secure. It’s also the lowest price payment processing service in the industry — which means you can get the reliability you require at low value pricing.

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Native Merchant Services knows that you want to preserve as much of your bottom line as possible so you can reinvest in your business. When you succeed, we succeed — and that’s why we’re passionate about helping your business flourish.

As a Native American-owned business, Native Merchant Services doesn’t pay income taxes. We share these savings with you so your own profits can grow more quickly. It also means you get best-in-class service, safe and secure technology and an unparalleled rewards program for less money. We’re so convinced Native Merchant Services is the best value in payment processing that we’ll pay you $500 if you can find a lower price — guaranteed.

Our Services

Native Merchant Services offers comprehensive processing and analytics solutions to businesses of all sizes, in all industries. Our services include:

  • Streamlined and secure payment processing for all credit card brands
  • Online, mobile and in-person payment processing
  • Fast check acceptance with Telecheck
  • Analytics services that help you better understand the habits and motives of your customers
  • A complimentary credit card terminal when credit card sales exceed $10,000 per month
  • Solution-driven customer service that provides the answers you need quickly
  • Same-day funding and access to merchant cash advances and business loans
  • Industry guides that reveal best management practices
  • A generous Merchant Rewards Program that is unlike anything else in the industry

When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you’ll be able to accept credit and debit card payments safely and securely. You also won’t have to worry about the reliability of your recurring payments, because we use the latest technology and software to assure regular, on-time payments. That means less stress on your part and more time spent doing what you love to do — growing your business.

Isn’t It Time You Rewarded Yourself?

When it comes to the best value in payment processing and full-service ISO, no other provider can match the pricing and service Native Merchant Services offers. From the lowest guaranteed rates on credit card processing to our unprecedented Rewards Program, it’s time to put Native Merchant Services to work for your bottom line.

For more information, call Native Merchant Services at 1-844-462-8483 or contact us online.