American Express® Opt Blue™

Get American Express Card Processing at the Lowest Guaranteed Price

For decades, retailers struggled with whether or not to accept American Express. Higher processing fees made accepting the popular card too expensive for many small business owners. The good news is that a new program, OptBlue™, makes accepting American Express much more affordable for many businesses.
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What to Know About American Express® OptBlue™

American Express® launched the OptBlue™ program in May 2014. In the past, American Express® financed and processed each transaction — unlike Mastercard and Visa, which only process payments. With OptBlue™, American Express® card acceptance just got a lot less expensive, because participating acquirers take over the processing. That means you can expand your customer base to include those who only use American Express®, regardless of the card they own.

Signing up for OptBlue™ is easy, but to take advantage of the program, your business must meet certain requirements. If your business processes less than $1 million in American Express transactions, you’re eligible for the program. If your business exceeds that volume, you’ll have to renegotiate your rate. For small business owners who have always wanted to accept American Express but held off because of concerns about processing fees, OptBlueTM is an excellent opportunity to expand your customer base to include those who only use American Express.

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Transaction processing pricing depends upon the type of merchant, how large the transaction is, and whether or not you swipe the card or key in the account number. Card-not-present transactions, including online transactions, cost more than in-person, swiped transactions. Similarly, larger transactions cost more than smaller ones. Also, retailers and restaurants pay lower processing fees than lodging establishments, for example. Nevertheless, the new OptBlueTM pricing is an exciting opportunity for small business owners everywhere.

Accept American Express® Payments Through OptBlue™ and Native Merchant Services

If you’re like many small business owners, you might avoid accepting American Express® because of the higher fees they charge merchants. Although American Express® was once an elite card for the wealthy, the bank now offers several cards that meet the needs of a diverse range of borrowers. As more people use American Express®, failing to accept it may turn potential customers away — and negatively affect the bottom line of your business.

At Native Merchant Services, we’re passionate about the success of your business. We want to see you succeed, because when you make money, so do we. That’s why we partner with American Express® to offer you OptBlue™. With Native Merchant Services, not only will your small business get the lowest possible pricing on American Express transactions, but you’ll also pay the lowest rates on credit card processing for small businesses — guaranteed.

What OptBlue™ Offers

When you partner with Native Merchant Services and American Express® OptBlue™, you’ll receive:

  • The lowest credit card rates in the industry, guaranteed. Native Merchant Services offers full-service ISO at the lowest rates. Find credit card processing for less and we’ll pay you $500 — that’s our promise.
  • A one-stop servicing solution that offers one statement for all of your cards, one settlement process and one customer service contact
  • Fast, streamlined processing via technologically-advanced credit card terminals. Our terminals are reliable and secure processing and feature the latest mobile processing technology through Apple Pay®. Every customer transaction is protected, and with mobile processing, your customers won’t even have to take out a card.
  • Same day funding. Keep your cash flow smooth and eliminate frustrating funding delays.
  • Access to merchant cash advance and business loan programs
  • Hassle-free online and telephone credit card processing
  • Best-in-class customer service. Native Merchant Services cares about the success of your business, because when you succeed, so do we.
  • The latest cybersecurity technology that protects your customers’ most sensitive data. Encrypted transactions and the latest mobile payment technologies prevent customer data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • A Merchant Rewards Program that pays you back for accepting credit cards
  • A complimentary credit card terminal with a minimum of $10,000 in monthly credit card business

How We’re Different

Native Merchant Services is a Native American-owned, full-service ISO. We can guarantee our rates are the lowest in the business because we don’t pay taxes. That means we pass our savings on to you without having to cut back on security, technology or customer service.

We’re so certain that we can save you money, we guarantee it — find a lower guaranteed rate and we’ll pay you $500. It’s that simple.

Let Us Reward Your Success

With Native Merchant Services as your source for small business credit card processors, you’ll gain an advantage over your competitors because you’ll pay less for customers who only use American Express®.

When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you can spend your resources on what’s most important —improving your bottom line. If you’re ready to find out how Native Merchant Services can support your growing business, call us at 1-844-462-8483, or fill out this form for a fast reply.