Mobile Payment Processing With Apple Pay®

Mobile Payment Processing for Businesses

Modern businesses count on mobile credit card processing to make sales convenient and hassle-free. With Native Merchant Services, your business can accept secure mobile payments when your customers use an Apple smartphone to make a purchase. Apple Pay® lets your business accept most major credit and debit cards with one-tap ease — no app necessary.

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Get Apple Pay® for Your Business

Apple iPhone Pay for Business

With Native Merchant Services, you can be equipped to accept the newest — and one of the most secure — methods of payment: Apple Pay®. With Apple Pay®, your customers can make secure purchases with one touch. No more swiping or signing. No more searching the wallet or purse for the credit card.

How It Works

When customers come to your store with an iPhone® 6, iPhone® 6 Plus or Apple Watch®, they can use their devices to make a purchase. All they need to do is tap their device in front of your POS reader. They don’t even need to open an application. When the transaction is completed, the customer is alerted with a subtle vibration and beep. It’s as easy as that.

If your business already accepts contactless payments through American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa or Interac, then chances are you’re already set up to accept Apple Pay®. Simply get in touch with us to confirm that you can accept Apple Pay®! Best of all, Apple doesn’t charge any additional fees to use Apple Pay®, so you get this benefit for free, as long as you already accept contactless payments.

Alert your customers that they can use Apple Pay® by displaying the Apple Pay® mark and contactless payment symbol at your sales terminal.

Apple Pay® works with most major credit and debit cards, participating with the top U.S. banks. Credit card holders using Apple Pay® can still earn the same benefits as if they were using their plastic counterparts. Payments made at your location are card-present transactions. If your customer uses Apple Pay® within an app, it’s a card-not-present transaction.

Streamline Online Sales

Apple Pay® can also make your online sales streamlined, too. By providing the Apple Pay® option during your checkout process, all your customers need to do is place their finger over the Touch ID or double-click the button next to the Digital Crown on their Apple Watch®. There’s no need to type in long strings of numbers, and there are no concerns about giving out sensitive data online.

Stronger Security for Stronger Sales

When you provide the Apple Pay® option to your customers, you’re sending the message that you care about their sensitive financial data. That’s because every Apple® device encrypts personal credit card information. A chip in the device assigns an encrypted transaction-specific dynamic security code. These encrypted numbers aren’t even stored on the Apple® servers. Your customers won’t have to worry that their credit card information can get stolen.

When your customer uses Apple Pay®, you also won’t have to worry about transacting with a stolen card. That’s because every Apple Pay® purchase requires Touch ID, fingerprint technology that’s unique to every person. With no handling of actual debit or credit card numbers and powerful bio-authentication, you and your customers are fully protected.

Save Even More When You Choose Native Merchant Services as Your Mobile Credit Card Processing ProviderMobile Payment Processing Reader

When you work with Native Merchant Services, you’re benefiting from the lowest mobile credit card processing provider fees. How exactly does Native Merchant Services keep our prices so low? We’re a tax-exempt Native American-owned company, and we pass the money we save from not having to pay taxes on to our customers.

Our Merchant Rewards Program is another way we look out for you. The more mobile credit card transactions you make, the more cash-back rewards you earn. When it comes to growing your business, we want to help.

Contact Native Merchant Services today to set up your own system for Apple Pay® mobile credit card processing. Give your customers the convenience they deserve and the security they expect — while you save money on swipe rates.

The Native Merchant Services Difference

Native Merchant Services offers the lowest prices in the industry on credit card transaction fees, guaranteed. We pass our tax savings on to you because we care about the success of your business — after all, when your business grows, so does ours! In addition to fast and secure mobile payment processing, you’ll also appreciate our same-day funding policy, merchant cash advance program and data analytics that help you understand your customers’ buying habits. The lowest prices, best in class service and streamlined processing make Native Merchant Services the clear choice for savvy business owners everywhere.

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