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As a savvy business owner, you know that doing business online exposes your brand to the worldwide marketplace. You also know there is more to ecommerce payment processing than meets the eye. Is there a way to find secure, fast and affordable online credit card processing services that don’t require a total website revamp? What about online transaction processing that doesn’t demand a small fortune in fees?

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When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you can take credit card payments online more quickly, securely and affordably than you ever thought possible. Isn’t it time you rewarded your business with the best value in online payment gateway providers?

Your Success Is Our Success

At Native Merchant Services, our top priority is helping your business stay successful. We are passionate about helping our customers improve their bottom lines, because when you make money, so do we.

Native Merchant Services takes tremendous pride in being the best online payment processing service in the industry for three simple reasons. Not only do we guarantee the lowest rates, we also provide best-in-class customer service and an unprecedented Rewards Program.

Our Services

Native Merchant Services is a Native American-owned business that doesn’t need to pay taxes. That means we can offer you the same cutting-edge technologies and services at lower prices than any of our competition. If you find a lower price anywhere, let us know. We’ll pay you $500, guaranteed.

With Native Merchant Services, you’ll get:

  • Fast, streamlined payment processing via online, mobile and in-person transactions
  • Same-day funding
  • Access to business loans and merchant cash advances
  • Outstanding cybersecurity capability that protects your customers’ most valuable data
  • Lower fees on American Express® with OptBlue, a program designed especially for small businesses
  • Hosted payment page options
  • Electronic check processing

Not only do we provide streamlined payment processing, we also offer:

  • Solution-driven customer service that responds to your needs quickly
  • Business analytics that help you understand your customers’ buying habits
  • Industry guides that reveal trends and best practices
  • A generous Merchant Rewards Program that pays you back for accepting credit cards

Reliability and Security

When your customers pay for your product or service online, they expect their confidential payment information will stay confidential. When you partner with Native Merchant Services, your business will get the reliable, safe transaction capability you need. Whether you prefer a hosted pay page or you already have your own ecommerce system in place on your own website, Native Merchant Services can develop a cost-effective plan that’s also reliable and secure.

Isn’t It Time You Rewarded Your Business?

Why waste resources anywhere else when Native Merchant Services offers the best value in online payment processing? When you’re ready to put our reliable, secure technology to work for your bottom line, call us for more information at 1-844-462-8483 or contact us online.