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customer handing credit card to cashierAs a business owner, you understand that processing payments quickly, reliably and securely improves your customer experience. The last thing you need is a slow transaction or, worse yet, compromised customer data that exposes you to unnecessary risk and bad publicity.

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When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you can rest easy. Your payment processing equipment will provide a hassle-free experience for your customers — and your business.

Native Merchant Services

Native Merchant Services provides several payment processing options at the best guaranteed prices in the industry. Your business can use pin pad machines, credit card terminals, wireless and mobile payment applications and more. Native Merchant Services also provides fast and secure online payment processing through both hosted payment pages and in-website processing. When you partner with us, you’ll enhance your customer experience.

Native Merchant Services can also provide you with a payment solution that produces the best results for your particular industry. From casino merchants to online-only businesses, Native Merchant Services has a payment processing solution for you that’s fast, reliable and secure. We can even process personal checks and American Express cards for less money than you’ve ever paid — guaranteed.

Your Success Is Our Success

At Native Merchant Services, we want to keep your costs low. We’re passionate about the success of your business, because we make money when you make money. We can provide you with the lowest rates on credit card processing in the industry, because we’re a Native American-owned company. Since we don’t pay taxes, we can offer you the lowest rates on the same-cutting edge equipment and services provided by bigger brands. We can even give you a free credit card terminal when your business bills more than $10,000 in monthly credit card charges.

As a full-service ISO, Native Merchant Services can provide your business with the technology and information you need to make better decisions faster and for less money. We provide:

  • Remote and telephone credit card processing
  • Processing for all credit and debit cards, including Discover, Diner’s Club, Visa, Mastercard and American Express® OptBlue™, the perfect option for small-business owners
  • Electronic check approval through Telecheck
  • Fast and streamlined transaction capability that’s protected by powerful cybersecurity software
  • Solution-driven and prompt customer service
  • An unparalleled Merchant Rewards Program — accept more cards and reap more benefits

Your Solution — For Less Money

From small local businesses to large companies that serve hundreds of customers per day, Native Merchant Services provides comprehensive payment and loyalty solutions to entrepreneurs in a broad range of industries. We provide the lowest guaranteed processing rates, customer service that’s focused on you and the latest in fast, secure technologies.

When you’re ready to put the best value in payment technology to work for you, call Native Merchant Services at 1-844-462-8483 or contact us online.