Check Readers

check readerWhen your customer writes you a personal check for a purchase, you’re doing more than making a sale. You are also trusting him to have the appropriate funds, and accepting responsibility for your customer’s confidential payment information. There’s a lot at stake, and you don’t want to risk the health of your business with a faulty check reader machine.

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When you use MICR check reader machines from Native Merchant Services, you get fast, secure and accurate check processing. You also get the best payment processing rates in the industry, because Native Merchant Services offers the lowest fees — guaranteed.

MICR Check Scanning

When your customer pays with a personal check, he’s giving you access to sensitive payment data that needs protection. Your MICR check scanner will “read” this payment data and report it to your customer’s banking institution using a secure Internet connection. Instead of wondering whether or not the check will clear, you’ll get a fast answer – improving your customer’s payment experience and reducing your worry. Although check scanning technology is similar to the processing techniques used decades ago, today’s technology has improved accuracy to nearly 99%.

When you work with Native Merchant Services, your business will benefit from fast, reliable and secure payment processing technology. You’ll also benefit from:

  • The lowest guaranteed payment processing rates in the industry
  • Fast check approvals with Telecheck
  • Complete credit and debit card processing services, including American Express® OptBlue™, the best option for lower fees for small businesses
  • A broad range of processing options, including countertop, wireless, mobile, and online in-site and hosted pay
  • Analytics that reveal the habits and trends of your customers
  • Same day funding, business loans and merchant cash advances
  • An unprecedented Merchant Rewards Program that pays you back simply for accepting credit cards

The Native Merchant Services Difference

Native Merchant Services offers fast and accurate check processing. We offer secure credit and debit card transactions. We provide superior business intelligence capability. Did you know that we offer all of these services and more at the lowest possible rates because of our Native American status? That’s right — we don’t pay taxes, and we think we should share those savings with you.

Partner with us and get the lowest rates, or find a cheaper rate elsewhere and we’ll pay you $500. That’s our guarantee.

Best of all, we’ll also provide you with the best-in-class, solution-driven customer service you expect. For more information on how Native Merchant Services can improve your business’s bottom line, call us at 1-844-462-8483, or complete this online form for a prompt reply.