End-to-End Software Solutions

computer keyboardWhen your customers patronize your business, they assume their credit and debit card numbers, PINs, checking account data and social security numbers are safe. Every time your business makes a sale with a customer credit card, debit card or check, you accept responsibility for the security of your customers’ confidential payment data. Unfortunately, data thieves are everywhere, and they cost companies just like yours millions of dollars every year.

When you choose Native Merchant Services for your end-to-end program solution, you can rest easy knowing advanced cybersecurity is protecting your customers and your business.

POS E2Es From Native Merchant Services

Your end-to-end software solution from Native Merchant Services protects your customers’ sensitive information from the beginning of the transaction until the end. It also allows you to retain the information you need to make better business decisions in the future — without compromising customer trust or security. You can even retain encrypted data for easier repeat billing, and avoid the concern and hassle associated with keeping paper or other insecure records.

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The payment and encryption processes are simple and secure. Our secure card reader captures and encrypts data instantly, with no need for paper and pen. Send the data through a secure Internet connection or forward it to another device for safekeeping. Native Merchant Services can store encrypted customer data securely, which means you don’t have to worry about saving sensitive information on your own system.

The Native Merchant Services Difference

Native Merchant Services offers the latest cybersecurity technology and software at the lowest guaranteed prices in the industry. We’re a Native American company, which means we don’t pay taxes. We pass those savings on to you, which reduces your expenses and improves your bottom line. We’re passionate about seeing you grow, and our end-to-end software solutions can help you move forward.

In addition to safe and secure end-to-end payment processing, we also offer full-service convenience. Native Merchant Services provides:

  • Fast and easy payment processing for all credit and charge cards, debit cards and personal checks
  • Business analytics that reveal important trends and customer information
  • Same day funding, business loans and merchant cash advances
  • A broad range of payment processing options, including countertop, mobile, wireless and online portals
  • One-statement ease that keeps your operations streamlined
  • A free credit card terminal for monthly credit card charges over $10,000
  • A generous Merchant Program that rewards you just for accepting credit cards

The Best Value in Full-Service ISO

Our low guaranteed rates, cutting-edge technologies and solution-driven customer service make Native Merchant Services the best value in full-service ISO. Isn’t it time you put your payment processor to work for your bottom line? For more information about our end-to-end software programs, call us or complete our online form.