Point-of-Sale Printers

sales receiptsFast service. Reliable technology. Secure data storage. When your customers patronize your business, these are the services they expect. When you choose Native Merchant Services for point of sale receipt printers, you get all of these services at the lowest guaranteed payment processing rates in the industry. Isn’t it time your payment processor worked for your bottom line?

Cutting-Edge Technology and Solution-Driven Customer Service

Native Merchant Services can provide your business with the technologies and software it needs to operate efficiently, reliably and securely. We also pride ourselves on our best-in-class, solution-driven customer service. When you have a question or an issue, call us and see how quickly we can have your business running at full speed. We’re passionate about the success of your business, which is one of the reasons we provide our customers with the full service payment processing solutions at the lowest possible prices.

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When you partner with Native Merchant Services, you’ll benefit from our Native American-owned tax status. We don’t pay taxes, and we pass those savings on to your business in the form of low processing rates. We’re so convinced that we’re the best value in payment processing that we guarantee our fees with a $500 payment. Find a lower rate elsewhere and get $500 from us — it’s that simple.

Best of all, this also means you won’t have to sacrifice quality on your payment processing technology. As a full service ISO, Native Merchant Services also provides:

  • Fast, reliable, and secure credit and debit card processing
  • American Express® OptBlue™, the best option for small businesses
  • Accurate and prompt personal check processing with MICR scanners and Telecheck
  • Strong cybersecurity that protects your customers and your business
  • A huge range of today’s most exciting payment technologies, including Clover POS, hosted online pay, wireless, mobile and countertop
  • Business analytics that will teach you more about your customers’ spending habits and important trends
  • Same day funding, merchant cash advances and business loans
  • A Merchant Rewards Program that pays you back for accepting credit cards
  • A free credit card terminal when your business charges more than $10,000 a month

Isn’t it Time Your Payment Processor Worked for You?

When you’re tired of paying too much money for old and unreliable technology, it’s time to call Native Merchant Services. We’re the best value in full service ISO for businesses of all sizes and industries. We’re passionate about helping you succeed, and we’re ready to see your bottom line grow.

For more information about the reliable and cost-effective technologies from Native Merchant Services, call us at 1-844-462-8483, or complete our contact form for a prompt reply.