Wireless Credit Card Processing

wireless credit card machineWireless credit card processing machines allow you and your staff to provide prompt service wherever you are. From processing transactions at your local flea market or craft show to checking out customers at outdoor venues, mall kiosks and more, having a wireless credit card terminal is efficient. When you’re ready to take sales mobile, explore the wireless merchant services available from Native Merchant Services.

A Full Service Wireless Credit Card Machine Company

As a smart business owner, you need your credit card transactions to proceed smoothly and securely. You also don’t want to pay a small fortune in credit card processing fees every month. When you choose Native Merchant Services, your business will get everything it needs to complete sales transactions quickly and securely.

Since Native Merchant Services is Native American-owned, we don’t pay any taxes. That means you get the lowest possible rates for processing, a promise we guarantee. If you can find another merchant servicer to give you a lower rate, let us know, and we’ll pay you $500. With Native Merchant Services, we are passionate about protecting your bottom line because when you succeed, we succeed.

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As a full-service ISO, Native Merchant Services also provides:

  • Fast and convenient electronic check processing
  • A lower cost American Express alternative that’s perfect for small businesses
  • A free credit card payment terminal for businesses that exceed $10,000 in monthly credit card charges
  • Numerous ways to accept payment, from online and mobile to countertop and telephone
  • The industry’s most reliable technology at the lowest possible prices
  • Same-day funding and access to cash advances and loans
  • The ability to earn rewards just for accepting credit cards with our Merchant Rewards Program

Best-in-Class Service and Security

Native Merchant Services is more than a credit card processing company. We also provide you with the information you need to make your business stronger. You’ll learn:

  • How often customers return to your business and how much they spend when they do
  • How far customers are willing to travel to purchase your goods or services
  • When the most profitable time of day is and when you need to cut back on staff
  • What other businesses in your industry are doing
  • Best practices and trends that pertain to your specific industry

Not only will you gain valuable business intelligence, you’ll appreciate the solution-driven customer service we provide. You’ll also love our strong commitment to cybersecurity. With Native Merchant Services, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your customers’ most important financial information is protected and secure.

When you’re ready to turn wireless payment processing into a springboard for your business, contact Native Merchant Services. Put our industry-leading pricing, customer service and security to work for your bottom line by calling 1-844-462-8483 or contacting us online.