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Merchant Services Cyber Security

Whether you’re a small business owner or you operate a large company with multiple locations, protecting your customers’ confidential payment information should be one of your top priorities. Faulty or inadequate merchant services payments security can harm your reputation and your bottom line. Hackers want your customers’ payment data, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. That’s why you need PCI compliant credit card processing from Native Merchant Services.

Merchant Account PCI Compliance

If your business accepts credit cards, you’ll need to abide by the security requirements set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. These requirements state that you must promise to process, store and transmit credit card data in a secure environment. Regardless of the size of your business or the number of transactions you process, you must meet or exceed these rules; however, depending on the number of annual transactions your business processes, there may be additional requirements.

When you work with Native Merchant Services, you can rest easy knowing your customer data is secure. We partner with First Data TransArmor® to provide an unparalleled merchant security solution to our customers. That protects your reputation, your bottom line and your customers all in one step. Our end-to-end processing system keeps encrypted data safe through the beginning, transmission and end of the transaction. We can even keep your data safe through recurring payments — whether you process those payments online, over the phone, at the counter or through wireless or mobile applications.

Our Services

Native Merchant Services provides best-in-class technology, security and service at the lowest possible rates — guaranteed. Our full service ISO is Native American-owned, which means we don’t pay taxes. By passing those savings on to you, we can guarantee the lowest rates on payment processing in the industry. We’re so confident we can offer you the lowest rates that we’ll pay you $500 if you can find a cheaper rate elsewhere.

At Native Merchant Services, your business can get:

  • Outstanding reliability and service at the lowest possible rates with no sacrifice in quality
  • Fast and secure credit and debit card processing for all brands
  • A broad range of cutting-edge payment technologies, including MICR check scanning and Telecheck
  • Business intelligence capability that lets you learn what you need to know about your customers
  • A complimentary credit card terminal for credit card sales over $10,000 per month
  • Fast, solution-driven customer service representatives that get you the answers you need
  • Same day funding, access to merchant cash advances and business loans
  • Best practice guides that reveal emerging and popular strategies
  • A generous Merchant Rewards Program that is unique in the processing industry

If you’re ready to find out why Native Merchant Services is the best value in payment processing, call us at 1-844-462-8483, or reply using our convenient online form.