Payment Processing For Non-Profits

low-rate-processing-feesIf you work for a nonprofit or a not-for-profit, you understand that cutting back on expenses isn’t just a nicety — it’s a necessity. Every dollar spent unwisely is a dollar that’s used for something other than completing your mission, and you need nonprofit donation processing technology from a company that understands you.

At Native Merchant Services, our nonprofit donation payment software and technology can help you save the most money possible. Are you ready for your payment processor to start giving back?

The Best Rates — Guaranteed

When you work with Native Merchant Services, you choose to partner with a payment processing company that’s passionate about your success. As a Native American-owned business, we benefit from certain tax advantages — and those savings are the low rates we pass on to you. Our rates are so low that we guarantee them with a $500 payment. Find lower guaranteed credit card processing fees and we’ll send you $500 — it’s pretty simple.

This also means we can provide the same products and services that are offered by bigger companies for a much lower rate. Can you imagine getting the same cutting-edge payment technologies and secure transaction services for less money? Now you can, when you partner with Native Merchant Services.

Our products and services include:

  • The lowest processing rates, whether your donors contribute online, in person or through telephone or mobile applications
  • The fastest and most streamlined payment processing options
  • A lower-cost American Express® option that is brand new
  • Fast and accurate personal check processing with MICR and Telecheck
  • Analytics that tell you more about your donors’ giving habits, and important trends you need to understand

You’ll also benefit from our best-in-class service, which includes:

  • Same day funding, cash advances and loans
  • Solution-driven customer care that helps you quickly when you need it most
  • Industry-specific guides that help you save money on expenses and expand your reach
  • A Rewards Program that will benefit your organization just for accepting credit and debit cards
  • Powerful cybersecurity programs that protect your reputation and the confidentiality of your donors’ most sensitive information

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Reward Your Mission With Native Merchant Services

Your goal is to complete your mission. Every cent you spend that doesn’t work toward that goal is a cent that’s wasted. When you choose Native Merchant Services, you can rest easy knowing that your payment processor is working toward your best interest. Isn’t it time your payment processor began rewarding your work with lower rates, superior service and strong security?

For more information about how Native Merchant Services can improve the bottom line of your organization, call 1-844-462-8483, or complete our fast and easy online form.